A Very Asian Day in Philadelphia

03.16.12 – Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It has been raining like crazy here in Manila everyday. Despite of the annoyance that it brings to my life it’s still a constant reminder of the beautiful rainy day that we had in Philadelphia 3 months ago. Though it was a bit inconvenient to go on a tour while it’s raining, knowing that the rainbow will come out after the rain made me realize that nothing should ever hinder me from achieving my goals and dreams. We are currently taking it “day-by-day”. I said we cause I have “my person” now, someone that keeps me sane and insane both at the same time. haha


It didn’t occur to me that it was St. Patty’s Day until we saw this group 🙂

We passed by a couple of Irish Pubs and booooy, they were already packed by 4PM!




We got back from our sightseeing tour before 5PM but since it was already drizzling we were 5 minutes late so we failed to see the Liberty Bell up close. 🙁

But you know what they all say…”there’s always a next time” 🙂


Love Philadelphia <3

One of the things that I learned from our trip to the city of Brotherly Love  is how creative their people are. We saw murals in every corner and I am telling you, they are far from being ordinary.


The second part of our trip that we can’t stop raving about!

If you google “philly cheese steak” it’ll probably show you Pat’s or Geno’s links/reviews these are tourist traps, a real Phildelphian knows where the real deal is…. Ishkabibble’s.



Best cheese steak ever!

Despite of me forgetting to add sauteed onions for our man sandwich this still made me love Philadelphia even more.


After our delightful afternoon in the city and our little shopping trip. We went to another Asian Restaurant, Sangkee.

I loved the interior of the restaurant! It is situated at the corner of a simple looking one-story building. But upon coming inside, it made me forget that we are dining in an Asian REstaurant!


Tom Yum Soup

One of my favorite Asian Soups of all time. Sadly, this was a bit too sweet for my liking 🙁


Crab Wontons

Soooo juicy and flavorful. YUMMMS

DSCN7847Some duck roll for the chorvs 🙂


Crispy Pan Fried Noodles with Roast Pork, Fried Squid and some Market Special that Charm ordered! 🙂


Free Asian Flavored Ice Cream for our table!!!! 🙂


A thoughtful present from our wonderful hosts 🙂

2 down, 3 to go 🙂

R <3 xx

The Fatty

Mondays are meant for adventures -that’s a pact that I have made with myself. Being surrounded with people who would go on an adventure with you is a blessing. 🙂

I spent my Monday 2 weeks ago at Annapolis. It was a beautiful but another cold day!! Frances and I were freezing to death (as usual) but retail therapy kept us “warm” or maybe crazier. Lol

Love how this place is jam-packed with nice restaurants and Culinary finds!!!! <3

Had lunch in Philly Flash.

Fell in love with the interiors of this quaint cheese steak restaurant! 🙂

Beef Cheese steak

Roger holding a wing on his left hand and cheesesteak on his right hand! :)))))

Wings for mooiiiii! <3

First time to try a drive-thru banking service! AWESOME!

My first Gelato in the States! OMG I DIED!!!! <3 Pistachio x Hazelnut gelato <3 <3 <3 #GelatoAddictRepresent

Had a yogurt and smoothie while shopping.

Cold food on a freezing day, what’s up with that? Hahaha 🙂

First Persian food experience in the States (so yeah basically I had a lot of “firsts” that day haha)

This was very reminiscent to Mister Kabab’s Chicken Special Chelo Kebab that I always get when I was still in the Philippines! The only thing missing is the Yogurt Shake that becomes even more special when my Dad buys it for me after a long day at work 🙂

c/o Frances 🙂

Awesome finds for the day! 🙂

Couldn’t get out of Victoria’s Secret without this baby! Makes me want to go on a weekend adventure because of this bag! Haha

Sparkly sparkly!

Peace Sign Bookend!!! <3

Awesome finds from Sur La Table! <3

Can’t wait to use this baby!

I am still on Cloud 9 because of these babies!! Looking at these photos makes me want to hit the mall and get crazy again…or maybe not! Hahaha 🙂 #chos

The Avengers tonight (finally)

R <3