Big Love

08.26-27.13: Happy Birthday!

Hey dolls! 🙂 I’ve been feeling VERY nostalgic about our HK trip. Sometimes I wish it is easy for us to go to different countries, without worrying about time and responsibilities. Funny how “limitation” works in our lives.

Lately, I feel like I am on a marathon with time. My anxiety about making this certain thing happen has risen up, and I know there is nothing that we can do but to be patient. As much as I want to drift away from the idea of rushing, I just want to be ahead of things, and stop worrying about time. There is nothing more that I would hate than to see myself having a part 2 of what transpired last 2012.

Anyway, enough with the context clues. Let me share with you one of the reasons why I love being home.

DSCN8333 (1)-tile

The thing that I hated the most when I was away was the fact that I missed all of the special occasions that I could have celebrated with my family for a year.

So while I am still here, I try to make each special event with joyful memories 🙂 Something that I can bring with me next year! 🙂


Princess cake for the cutest princess of the family! 🙂


Jejekid in the playpen.. he scared away one little girl. She must have thought that there’s a giant or something.


My handsome godson <3 🙂


Celebrated my brother’s 21st birthday the day after! 🙂



Chocolate Truffle Cake from Sugarhouse 

Sooooo goooood!! I love how we celebrate 6 birthdays in a year!!! My most favorite part in every birthday party is the cake!! 🙂


Hard work and love <3

I am so lucky that I have a Dad who wants nothing but the best of best for us 🙂


My 17 year old brother is a giant.


Sissy LOVE!


Errr you know. Just being crazy at our rooftop.




Cause I missssssed this soooo much!!!! I love you!!!! <3

23 in 26 days,

R <3 xx


Christmas’12: The Oregon Grille

12.24.12: First Snow

Hey Dolls! I know it has been a while AGAIN. I was,and still, caught up in between life and life. It’s really hard for me to step foot into the world of requiescence. Most of the time I find myself wishing for another hour of sleep, or more time for me to go shopping and devour myself with beautiful stuff for my closet..but on top of all that, I wish I have my family with me while I experience all these. To have them beside me when I go through the beauty of life. Christmas 2012 has been very different for me, first time in my 22 years of existence that I was away from my family. No Christmas hugs and kisses from the parents,and silly quality time with the siblings.And above all, hearing mass together is something that I terribly miss.


Got picked up by a stretch…..awesome! 🙂




Our HR arranged a very lovely lunch day for us. He mad reservations in The Oregon Grill. 

One of the best restaurants here,definitely! 🙂


I’ve got no words but “wow” when we arrived in the Oregon. It was beyond beautiful. And ideal place for a romantic date or special family gatherings.


We were given a private room, made our special day more especial 🙂


I chose to sit with the fireplace behind me so I would be warm all day 🙂


Nothing better than a warm bread and good butter to start our meal 🙂


Ordered Seafood Tower for my appetizer

Lobster, Shrimp and Oysters! <3


Reminded me of my Dad.  He is such a seafood lover! I have always eaten whatever he tries to make me eat. Whatever he likes, I like. I’m like his mini me when it comes to food…and discipline! 🙂 This for you, Daddy! Hope I would get to share this tower with you someday 🙂


Since I know there are big meals that are coming way for the next 2 days, I’ve decided to lay-low on my entree. I went for Chicken Madrilena.

I can’t entirely say that I wish I ordered something else, but this was definitely not for me.


Mushroom x Parmesan Fries for my sides! 🙂


Best Creme Brulee I’ve ever had!!! This was the BOMB!! I swear.





It started snowing while we were having lunch. It was really lovely watching the snow fall 🙂

Thought to myself: How can this day get any better.


Our first snow <3




Wore this asymmetrical skirt with my DAS heels again 🙂


Aztec printed corset, bought somewhere in New York <3 🙂


Will do better in posting,

R <3 xx