Halloween In Your 20’s

“The Gift of Friendship”

Hello, sweets!! Happy Sunday!!! Sundays remind me of home..my family..my friends..my closet..everyone and everything! Halloween is fast approaching and I am still not sure if I will be able to dress up and party it up with my friends here (cause I have to work  late every weekend!!!!) Luckily I brought good memories with me to write about, so my Halloween is not going to be as lame as I think it would be. I am not big on scary stuff, and candies come first to mind when I think of Halloween. I don’t know if I will be able to give out candies this year but I know someday soon I can get crazy and make trick or treaters happy. Last year, I spent Halloween with my friends and I deliberately waited until this month to write about the good times that we shared together when I was home.


 The reason why I am also writing about this a few weeks early is because I  recently saw these kitchen babies that my good friend Cams gave me during my going away party this year.

They brings me back to our “panic spatula” slash Culinary school days. I love how my friends know me, and how they give me the perfect presents! Just like the tea infuser cause I am a tea lover <3


A few weeks before I left this February I had dinner with PPG at Mad for Garlic,The Fort.

We all do the same thing, we cook. Setting a date for dinner with all of us is always a challenge so I was very happy that we got to see each other before I left.

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Japanese Night

02.08.14: Moshi Moshi!

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 Happy Sunday!! It has been another exhausting work weekend and I am so glad I will be embracing Monday in less than 12 hours!!!! So my mind is preoccupied with anything relating to the big W next year…and I am guessing it is going to be like this for the next 9 months (AAAAH save me). I promised myself not to be the capricious about the entire thing, but I guess it is common nature you know? To sleep with one thought in the head and wake up with a brand new one the next day. So maybe, it is safe to say that I am driving myself…nuts. Haha

Anyway, so I was able to cross off something on my list and that is to let my favorite girls know about their importance throughout the entire process, and their participation. I wish I could have asked them personally, but yeah…my life is so awesome right now, God reserved something exciting for me instead. Since today is family day, let me share with you a post about the girls that I consider family.



I hosted a pre-Valentine’s day dinner for the girls. And as usual, we can’t not have a theme. I chose Japanese cuisine so I can practice on my sushi skillZ (yes with a Z haha) AND so we can play around with fun outfits..

We’ve decided to go for “Japanese Street Style” as our peg for the night, you will see our outfits later on but yeah…it was so much fun to be extra weird with my favorite girls! <3

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Of Getting Through

08.31.13: The Reunion

Hello World!!! I am so happy that I am finally recovering from my 3 day struggle with fever.  I can pretty much say that I do not get sick a lot, but when I do, I always go back to being a baby. For me, the best cure when I am sick is my parents’ warmth, and I am so lucky I have them with me now.

Anyway, today is Sunday, and I feel blessed that my family and everyone that I know & love are safe. It is something when you get through a big typhoon you know, with no damages at your house, wake up and see the sun up. We feel blessed, and our heart goes out to everyone who was tragically harmed, and the families who lost a loved one or their homes. I know something big is on its way for our country,and the best thing that we can do is to pray 🙂


With my favorite “Panic Spatulas”


So happy that they chose to have lunch in Nolita

I like dealing with this #LDR thingy by eating good food…and when I say good food, meaning the food that we both love to eat.


We had 4 types of pizza, but shame on me I forgot the names 😐

Everything was so good. I tried to make myself feel less guilty about eating too much pizza by ordering their house salad, which I regretted cause it’s not to my liking 😐


…and to make my afternoon complete, a cocktail to go with my yummy lunch! 🙂


So happy that we got to celebrate her birthday this year! 🙂


We did a lot of catching up and laughing! I missed talking to these girls about whatnots and cracking at the silliest jokes.




It was a fun filled afternoon that ended in a perfect way (cause Aaron decided to be an Angel and bought 2 dozens of Krispy Kreme)

My head was telling me that I have been too sinful and that I should start jogging home….but how can I resist my favorite doughnut in the whole wide world????

Guess what? Love posts coming soon!!!

R <3 xx