Woodberry Dinner

I am just a few days away from embracing another Friday. I can’t believe how fast each day goes, all I can think about is how I can’t seem to get used to this fast paced setting. It’s always work and me looking forward to my 2 days off each week. A few days ago I was able to have the Friday night off and what better way to spend it? A dinner date at one of then most beautiful restaurants I’ve been.

 Look how beautiful the place is! I swear this looks more awesome on the inside. I wish could’ve taken more photos but it was a busy night and I do not want to look like a dork hanging around with my camera. Hahaha 🙂

The name of the restaurant is so perfect for its ambiance, location, and entire look!

I’m still in awe every time I think about how beautiful this place is! I just can’t wait to have a beautiful Saturday or Sunday morning schedule so we could have brunch here!!! 🙂

Basket of different short breads! Loved the strawberry muffin! YUM

Pickled kohlrabi for our appetizer.

First time to try kohlrabi and I loved it!

Poached shrimp salad on a warm toast

Since I just came from work, I’ve decided to eat something light!

Poached to perfection. Greens were fresh. I have no words but YUM!

Beef and Egg Noodles

One of the best pasta dishes I’ve tried!

Amazing dinner with an amazing person <3


The day after…….

At their herb garden. Made me want to have my own someday. It was the first time he took ,me to their backyard and I loved it!

Fresh Arugula

Fresh Basil

I only took photos of the herbs that we used for our pesto.

Pesto in the making

Grilled vegetables for perfect summer morning.

Rushing off to work,

R <3


Knocked Out

Save me from preservatives, please.

One thing that I am really missing right now is eating anything FRESH! The refrigerator in our apartment is filled with frozen/preserved foods  🙁 Eating out will not do me any good as well,and the cafeteria at my work serves too much awesome food everyday! I think I’ll be getting fat in no time 🙁 Anyway, since I’ve been having a craaazy craving for milk tea since I got here, I’ve decided to finish this entry! It’s almost 4 months late (yikes) so I hope it’ll still matter to everyone who reads my blog! Lol :))))

Backlog: December 2011

We live near Eton Centris, so my family and I would frequent that place especially when we get too bummed out at home. Centris is extra pretty during Christmas, I think it’s the smaller version of BGC 🙂 One thing that makes me keep on going back to the place is Cha Time!  I was really on Cloud 9 when Cha Time was just 5 minutes away from me 🙁

Matcha x Pudding Lover represent!

I am still on a quest for the nearest milk tea house near my apartment now! 🙁 I am close to ordering a bag of taro mix in Amazon if this severe craving doesn’t subside by the end of this week (or maybe sooner)

Daddy x Remo’s

Used my old digicam so photos are a bit blurry and “powdery” :)) eek

Apart from Milk Tea.. I terribly miss being an “Ate” too!! 🙁 🙁 :

My Batutsy looking so cuuuuute and funny!! Lol Look at his tummmmy!! He was such a weakling but still uber adorbs!!! :)))

I miss playing with your tummy 🙁 🙁 🙁

The “kiddos” 🙂

Random Food Photos in Uncle Cheffy

One awesome restaurant in Centris – Uncle Cheffy!

I was not able to take pictures of everything that we ate cause everyone was really hungry!! will definitely dine in Uncle Cheffy again when I get back so I can blab about it and give justice to the delicious food that they have 🙂

I just had an awesome night hosting a dinner with my roomies! How was yours?:)

R <3