Life Goals At 25

Hello, dolls! 🙂 3 days has passed since we welcome the new year, how was your 2015 so far? I honestly don’t feel like it’s already 2015, maybe because I am drowning with all the responsibilities that I have to do before this month ends (God I really need to get it together) or maybe because I still can’t believe that I will get married, see my family, and turn 25 THIS YEAR! It’s crazy how life scares us with time sometimes, I feel like I can never have enough days in a year — especially starting 2012, cause since then life has been amazing and I always get this feeling that I do not want that year to end.

Anyway, I stopped doing resolutions when I turned 15, cause after 10 days I forget about all the things that I want to change about myself and end up with a piece of paper that didn’t make sense at all by June. I feel like goals work for me better cause I like to make things happen.

So now, let me officially welcome 2015 by giving you 15 of my goals this year — for my family, love, and myself.




1. Holidays

As we close out the holiday season, I am putting this one first. This is the second time that I celebrated Christmas and New Year away from my family and just like everyone else who has the same situation as mine, I do not like it —- it’s hard. So this year, my goal is to not make 2015 the third time that I will spend the holidays away from my family.


2. Embrace them as many times as possible

Cause no matter what happens, I will always always go back home to see my family. I can’t wait to be back in Manila in April and sleep in my room, wake up and hear my Dad’s voice, try Mama’s new recipes, and be silly with my siblings. So when I come home this year, I want to be a better hugger, and hug them just like how my Dad hugs us. Continue reading “Life Goals At 25”

Mix Le Fun

I am seriously out of sorts since yesterday. I just still couldn’t believe that the best weekend so far (since I got here is already over), I couldn’t wait to meet-up with my guardians here again! Anyway, I have been hit by the curve ball the minute I clocked in yesterday – not work related, nothing serious just a silly curve ball trying to get into me..and no, I wouldn’t let anyone get through me cause my God is stronger than what they have to think or say.

03.18.2012 – St. Paddy’s Day

First St. Patrick’s Day! Everyone at work was very eccentric about this celebration,  almost everyone wore green and we had a special Irish menu for the night. One thing that I like about my work, I get to learn something new everyday! 🙂 Anyway, my roomies and I wanted to have a “taste” of the tradition so we decided to have a small celebration at home! 🙂

Nothing too hard for the girls. Just a mix of fun for the night 🙂 Heehee

Pizza c/o Ysan

Someone deleted our group photo 🙁 Huhu #Annoying

Invited Darlene and Joy! Girls night indeed! 🙂

03.20.2012 – Friends and Food

Monday is something that we look forward to each week, since all of us doesn’t have work on that day. My roomies and I hosted a dinner for the “youngsters” to welcome them! 🙂

Baked Red Velvet Cupcakes 🙂 I missed baking for my family!! 🙁

Kyots!! c/o Karen

c/o Karen

Jogging attire! 🙂 Was able to squeeze in jogging in the midst  of my cooking! Lol.

Prepared a simple fare for 18 pax 🙂

Struggle of life!! Made cream cheese frosting using a FORK! Our whisk in our apartment is too sluggish!

No “appetizing” food photos! Lol

Cupcakes x Chicili Con Carne x Corn Bread X Chicken Alfredo

chili con Carne and Corn Bread are very perfect together! Agree? 🙂

Glad everyone liked what I prepared! 🙂

03.25.2012 – Happy Birthday, Jem! 🙂

Birthday Girl! 🙂

with Ysan and Krizzy 🙂

Work “Soul mate”

Who’d have thought I’d be working under one company again with this woman? 🙂 Haha! 🙂 Glad to have a familiar face at work!! 🙂

All photos during Jem’s party c/o Jem!


Quick update of what’s been up! 🙂

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