Weekend with Angels

One thing that I am really grateful for everyday is having guardians here in the States who treats me like I am their child. If it weren’t because of Mr. and Mrs. Flores (I am still used to in calling them “Ma’am” & “Sir” lol) I wouldn’t be this strong now. They are one of the reasons why I can still manage to keep my life on track  in the midst of stress and loneliness.

Yellow Ribbon: Went to Hunt Valley with Karla and Ian for an afternoon bonding 🙂

Had our late lunch in Jesse Wong’s Kitchen 🙂

Open Kitchen x Fab Interiors! 🙂

Blurry picture because of the steam from the dumplings.

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings for appetizer 🙂

Sesame Chicken with Brocolli

This is a little too sweet for me  but I love the HUGE serving and how perfectly done the broccoli’s are (I dislike eating mushy veggies heehee)


03.23-25.2012 : Best weekend since I got here

Watched Hunger Games with Mr. & Mrs. Flores 🙂 The movie was AWESOME! I was thinking about my siblings during the movie 😐 Wish we watched it together 🙁 Anyway, I’m a fan but I don’t think I’d be reading the book (not anytime soon though). I know the book is better (it always is) but watching the movie first spoiled half of the reading excitement for me already so I am passing on this one. Haha 🙂

First movie experience in the States! Haha 🙂

@ White Marsh 🙂

Headed to Friday Bible Study after the movie 🙂

Shopping with my “Mother” here in the States! 🙂

Went craaaaazy shopping!

Attended the Saturday service at church with Mr. and Mrs. Flores after dinner 🙂

I felt like I wasn’t away from home during that weekend. The way they took care of me is really overwhelming.  I just couldn’t wait to spend another weekend with them again 🙂 No words can ever narrate how blessed that weekend was! 🙂

R <3