Mama’s On The Half Shell

03.10.13 – Those kind of nights

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you felt hopeless and emotionally tired? And the only thing you held onto is the little faith that you have in your heart? I almost lost my grip a few days ago. But  God has amazingly touched my life again and used the people that I love to help me get through something that made my life move into a better phase. When God uses the people that I love to get closer to Him, my soul gets nurtured in a different way. It’s like He gave a new meaning to the word “amazing”. So I spent half of my day thanking Him, and the other half by appreciating my family and friends more. Mother’s day is just around the corner, but the photos below will not transcend to it so I will just let the single word from the title above commemorate my Mom,and how grateful I am for the support that she has given me yesterday. I wouldn’t get through it without her, just like every single day.


He rarely goes home from work early..especially on a weekend. So when he does,we like to celebrate with nothing else but foooood <3 🙂


Crab Dip – all time favorite

We didn’t expect it to be this big! So creamy!! Yummms


It’ll be crazy not to try their oysters. Forgot the 2 kinds that we had but they were sooooo good!


Met up with our friends after. Funnnnzo!


#selfie lol


Made banoffee pie earlier that day for the roomies! 🙂






Animal print bandage skirt given to me by my sister from Forever 21! 🙂


Messy curls


136 days to go


Bluer than BLUE

10.01.12: Hello, October!

I love celebrating the first and last day of each month. There’s something about looking forward to a joyful month or knowing that you have spent each day awesomely in every possible way in a month. My absence here on my blog has eaten up my sanity. I feel like this page deserves more and it’s such a shame that I do not have enough time to juggle everything that I want to do. Needless to say, I am still grateful for all of the bigger things that has happened to me.

This has got to be one of those days where in I felt like a Queen cause I was being treated like a Princess. I know I doesn’t make sense much, but when you have these amazing people around you, you just can’t help but be overwhelmed and be speechless.


Finally tried Pei Wei! 

It is owned by PF Chang’s China Bistro.

This is like the faster version of PF Chang’s. If you want Asian Food fast, this is definitely the place to go!

My spicy korean chicken! 🙂 YUM

Touch screen vendo machine! AWESOME!

Oh really? LOL


OOTD: Something something for a cool day


Awesome stuff from Mrs. S!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

So in love with these babies!


Awesome shopping finds!! <3

Will try my best to update this often (just like how it used to be)

R <3 xx


Woodberry Dinner

I am just a few days away from embracing another Friday. I can’t believe how fast each day goes, all I can think about is how I can’t seem to get used to this fast paced setting. It’s always work and me looking forward to my 2 days off each week. A few days ago I was able to have the Friday night off and what better way to spend it? A dinner date at one of then most beautiful restaurants I’ve been.

 Look how beautiful the place is! I swear this looks more awesome on the inside. I wish could’ve taken more photos but it was a busy night and I do not want to look like a dork hanging around with my camera. Hahaha 🙂

The name of the restaurant is so perfect for its ambiance, location, and entire look!

I’m still in awe every time I think about how beautiful this place is! I just can’t wait to have a beautiful Saturday or Sunday morning schedule so we could have brunch here!!! 🙂

Basket of different short breads! Loved the strawberry muffin! YUM

Pickled kohlrabi for our appetizer.

First time to try kohlrabi and I loved it!

Poached shrimp salad on a warm toast

Since I just came from work, I’ve decided to eat something light!

Poached to perfection. Greens were fresh. I have no words but YUM!

Beef and Egg Noodles

One of the best pasta dishes I’ve tried!

Amazing dinner with an amazing person <3


The day after…….

At their herb garden. Made me want to have my own someday. It was the first time he took ,me to their backyard and I loved it!

Fresh Arugula

Fresh Basil

I only took photos of the herbs that we used for our pesto.

Pesto in the making

Grilled vegetables for perfect summer morning.

Rushing off to work,

R <3

Frances & Five

“..for the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal”

No words can ever translate how blessed my life is, how amazing everything that’s been happening to me lately and how my life is being moved in ways that I could never imagine. I wish I could show everyone how grateful I am, how glad my heart is and how each moment of stillness keeps my entire soul inspired and motivated. I know I’ve been speaking of such words for more than a year now, but I just cannot help it – life is just too amazing.

One thing that I love about life is having the ability to touch someone’s life. We all have that gift,and it becomes more special when we take advantage of it. I’ve been here for almost 2 months now, and one of the reasons why I am still sane (haha) and how I manage to make through each day is Frances. I cannot find the right words on how to define how beautiful every moment with her is (and I know I sound like a lesbo or something but yeah whatever LOL). The support and care that she has shown me is beyond what a best friend would do, and I will always be grateful for that. I wanna say that I found a new sister (I hope my Sissy won’t get jealous LOL). A sister who supports you and reminds you how good you are, laugh with you in the middle of a busy day and just merely spend time with you. Her giving me some of her time is more than enough for me to say that I will forever treasure what we have. I know I sound mushy and all but I just couldn’t believe that I will still have to wait for another 6 month until I get to bond with her again! 🙁 Anyway, so much for sappy sappy is beautiful and the 6 months that we will be apart is a blessing 🙂

Went to Five for her going away dinner 🙂

BBQ Chicken Flatbread

This was awesome! Reminded me of Krazy Garlik’s Barbecue Garlic Chicken! 🙂


..a must! Had another serving of their East West Wings! Yuuuuuum <3

Us girls <3

Definitely not our last dinner this 2012!!!

I will wait for you Frances!!!!! 🙂

Her last day at BCC 🙂

Thank you for being very patient,supportive and thoughtful at work. You have always made me believe that I can do everything. I wouldn’t have made it through each day since you left if it weren’t for you. I promise to update you with everything still 🙂

I love you, Girly!!!! <3

Asian food delivery before she left  #Kinailangan 

Going to downtown,

R <3 xx

Alex,Alexis and Chloe

“How you spend each day determines how you will spend the rest of your life” 

I love contemplating on life during my alone time. I always think it is a blessing to be able to reflect on how my day went, see the beauty in everything that comes my way or just merely exist and make each day count. You see, I am scared..scared to put a day to waste and not learn something new. Everyday is my favorite day, big or small, everything that happens within my day is special, and I just love how amazing it makes me feel at the end of each day. Anywaysies, here’s a photo blog about my recent Monday off with my roomies 🙂

Taco Bell’s Mango Strawberry Splashberry 🙂 NOM! So addicted to smoothies lately!

Unfortunately, they don’t have my favorite..potato tots with loads of cheese and sour cream! 🙁

Asian Market x Taco Bell for the first half of our morning 🙂
Saw a lot of weird preserved stuff!Wish they had chicken \or fish tocino 🙁 So missing that since our Asian grocery trip! 🙁

Since it was a beautiful morning..I asked Karen and Charm to visit the playground with me! (unleashing the kid in me once in a while haha).

One thing that I love about the paartment that we live in is that it’s a very family-oriented community. Most of our neighbors are young families or old couples. It makes me feel safe and at ease. 🙂

Met a lot of sweet kiddos! Definitely made me miss my cousins 🙁

Sweethearts <3 The little girl in stripes said “I love you” to me when I told her that I have to leave already. Haha <3

Look how cute her hair is!!!

Wish I could catch up with them again!! <3

Forever 21 all over. 🙂

Thanks to Ate Raffy for the cutesy elephant top! <3

Side reel: Look how HUGE my kitchen uniform is!!! Haha

Have a blessed day y’all,

R <3