01.10.13: The crazies “First day of tormenting womanhood cycle:

I have been on my bed since I got home from work and all I can think about is how ugly I look and how awful I feel. “Happy endings” has kept me company and my emotions are just way out of control LOL. But still happiness is overflowing in my heart, I am grateful that I have someone who makes me feel special in every possible way ♥ 🙂 Someone who puts up with my crankiness and craziness. #Forever21″ —  It’s one of those days wherein I wish I am a boy,enjoying each day of the month without having to worry about a certain week. A week of pain, uneasiness and discomfort. Lucky for me, I get to be “one of the boys” once in a while. Mine might not be over the top., but it’s something that I am thankful for about this amazing blessing in my life 🙂


Cooked dinner for the roomies and some friends after a fun day with ze 2 crazies 🙂

(a) Broiled Teriyaki Glazed Salmon and some fried rice!

(b) Went to the Asian Store and bought the 5 of us chopsticks! 🙂



My not-so-girly outfit! It’s very rare that the chorvs would be so excited in buying me something from Forever21. He got all giddy when he saw this Van Halen top. One of his favorite bands!



I love this airplane necklace to bits! It screams “me”! 🙂

DSCN7113Wore this Jeffrey Campbell inspired booties that he gave me to make him happier! 🙂


DSCN7116Definitely not the last time that I would be wearing this top cause I already thought of something to pair this with! 🙂



I know this is gazillion months late but hyeaaah. I won a $100 gift card from Wasabi!! I can’t wait for our sushi day!!!!! <3 First time that I won something on Facebook. if I can recall. haha 🙂

Happy love month,

R <3 xx