Hong Kong Diary: Best Macarons in Hong Kong (Laduree, Jean-Paul Hevin, TWG)

10.05.13: Good Morning, Birthday Boy 🙂

Hello, dolls! 🙂 3 years ago, October to me was just the month before my birthday, or my Mom’s birthday month,but since her birthday falls on the first week of October, I deliberately forget the month’s essence right after.. HA. Tomorrow is A’s birthday, and before I get anxious about my birthday surprise for him, I will share with you snippets from his birthday last year. I don’t know how I will be able to top his food adventure filled celebration in Hong Kong but thank heavens for giving me 3 days to give him a memorable one this year. Hint: we will be away from Baltimore again!!! (yay!)


Good Morning, Hong Kong! Good Morning, Birthday Boy!!! <3

Can I wake up in Asia again? Soon?


First Stop for A’s Birthday: Harbour City

This mall is too gorgeous for words! All the good stores (and when I say good, I mean high-end designer brands) are here…but since our Hong Kong trip was all about food, I had to stop myself from dragging A to stores that will take our time from visiting restaurants.Don’t worry, he gave me all the time in the world during our recent trip to Bangkok! 🙂


The main reason why we went to Harbour City, Laduree. Continue reading “Hong Kong Diary: Best Macarons in Hong Kong (Laduree, Jean-Paul Hevin, TWG)”

Kitchen Works

09.06.13: PPG

Hello world!! Today is Sunday, and I am so happy cause I am having a meaningful weekend (and when I say meaningful, it means me being in the kitchen). So I am only 2 posts away from sharing with you the amazing 3 weeks of my 2013, and I couldn’t get any more excited!!! I don’t know, but I just love to relive all the wonderful things that happened when he was here.


There are a lot of things that make me excited, one of which is cooking,or anything that involves being in the kitchen.

I get easily bored during seminars, I hated it during my Uni and HS days. But, anything that talks about food entices me…so just imagine my annoying face when I found out about Kitchen Works’ Master Class with World Champion and top Pastry Chef, Jerome Langillier who came straight from France! 🙂


I adore anything that has my name in it! Seeing this made me feel..important.


I’m a big fan of ghost chairs. They are so elegant looking without trying too hard.

P.S. I promised myself that the next big thing that will happen to my life will have ghost chairs. ha ha




We were only 2 seats away from him, but it was really convenient that they set up a monitor for us to have a closer view of what he was doing.


We were able to try a couple of pastries that he made. They were all so delish that the lazy person in me decided to savor every bite that I….(#SMH) forgot to take notes.


This was so decadent. He made this jelly with fresh strawberries.

P.S. Please forgive me for making it sound less exciting. I am pretty much sure this has an equally enticing name.



He used almond flour in most of his creations.

P.S. Those caramels in front of him are divine! I swear!!!! They are too amazing….I have no words!!



One of my favorites!! I love desserts that has lemon in it, tangy flavor with the right amount of sweetness. Heaven.

The lemon curd with the almond bar is perfection to me!! 2 of my favorite things in one!!


Reminded me of my SA days when I was still in Culinary School. Oh, the joys of learning 🙂





The Finale…

His Pear Friand with Passion Fruit Caramel

Uhhhh…soooo good!!


Aaron won an apron from Kitchen Works!!


Best part….

Beautifully made macarons!!!! YUMMM


Say hello to my giddy face!!! I was so happy 🙂


We went around the store and here are a couple of items that caught my eye.


This is sooo cool. But since its white, it makes me feel like if ever I’ll have this, I will just use it as a decoration around the kitchen! Haha.


Salt Block

Reminded me of the days that we used this in BCC! I’ve always thought that this is cool!



Shun Knives!!!

Not our favorite as we, especially him, are a fan of Miyabi. But it made me miss our knife shopping days! 🙂


Big fan of ceramics right here!:)


Too cute!!!!



The most awesome produce that I saw in the store!!!!! This is loooove. I promise I will have one someday…or maybe I will get lucky and I’ll have a set. haha



For all the maarte and kikay lads likes me who loves spending time in the kitchen….here are some silicon items that’ll be awesome to add to our collection! 🙂



Cause I think the packaging makes it look rad


With Leigh after the event 🙂


Linguine Del Marinaio 

So obviously I decided to get mine with farfalle…just because.

Was quite disappointed with how I was only served with only a tablespoon of canned tuna. Nonetheless, it was very tasteful!


Tea time with the rest of the gang after dinner.

I think it’s hilarious that CBTL serves their tea in a tall…big…mug!



3 months left!!


R <3