Less flying, More smiles.

02.12.12 – 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (Part 2)

This will be one of those posts where I hope to make sense towards the end of the entry. My head is floating in some place far (again)

Cutesyyyy! Our “picnik” mat šŸ™‚

Some people took photos of our mat :)) Adorbs :))

Personalized dogtags for all of us!! šŸ™‚

I love dogtags!! Simple with a touch of swag! šŸ™‚

Got amused by the forms! They were very military-ish haha

Renzo’s = BORING


Kept laughing at him cause he look like a gangster with his gold dogtag!! :))

Got really happy when I saw a FroYo booth! Perfect for the sunny afternoon and my aching gums šŸ™‚

TheĀ portaletsĀ stinks! It was so gross!!It smelled like pigs peed on them!! So funny cause I saw my brother about to barf already!! :))

How unfortunate for the Shakey’s truck because they were beside theĀ stink-bombs! LMAO

There were a lot of people in line to get in theĀ premisesĀ of the aircrafts! I was so lucky because these kindhearted gentlemen let me and my brother get in the side entrance! Less hassle, more photos! :))

Ze jejemon in his small abode :))

My Dad being cute and funny :))

Piggy Back Ride — LITERALLY! Hahaha

Remo and Klariz <3

Last Sunday in Manila this 2011 šŸ™

R <3