Away but growing closer

I still couldn’t believe that I am going to miss my brother’s graduation today 🙁 (PHL time). I want to see my big Batutsy go up the stage and walk like a penguin with a pineapple hair!! huhu. Anyway, since I terribly miss being an Ate to my “rug-rats”  I’ve decided to work on this entry today 🙂 One major advantage of me being away is the growing relationship that we share as a family. We became closer and stronger.The love that binds us together as a family is more than enough for me to brave each day and sleep soundly at night. Talking to my family is always the best part of my day, and I just cannot wait to torture my siblings again (loljk).

I miss living in the Metro. I miss SH’s pistachio gelato. I miss random movie nights with my siblings. And no, I am not depressed,

Mi Boobie and Batutsy <3 <3 <3

Went to Eastwood with my siblings and hanged out with Jho to turn a normal day into a fun one! 🙂

Please crawl into my bed now…..

So in love with pistachio gelato! 😛 I can chow down 2 sticks consecutively!!

Cutesy sticks for ze sibs! 🙂

Our parents would always let us spend the wee hours of our Saturday in Timezone when we were younger! 🙂

Timezone kids represent! Lol

…and as I grew older, I would just spend my Timezone “allowance” on Neo Prints! Lol :))

…meh #joke

11 months to go..and I ‘ll be torturing my brother Remo again on picking me up from my night outs. Lol


My Sissy edited this and I still giggle like a piggy every time I see this! Lol :))


I am very happy for my brother who made it through high school today! 🙂 Yaaaay. <3


Certified Ate,

R <3


Panic Spatula

I’ve been having the craziest days one could ever have on a month of February! I feel like I’m meeting a deadline for my thesis and stressing over my finals combined! I spend my days accomplishing tasks and my nights planning how to spend my day. But in the middle of those craziness, one thing that I do not want to miss is to have dinner with my family!  It is always the best part of my day so just the thought of missing it for a year is very abhorring already 🙁

02.29.2012 Status

Today, I missed  dinner with the family. I was planning to treat them out but the Republic of the Philippines and life connived against me #GanunKaIntense. =))

My status boldly explains how my day went. Don’t you just hate  how almost all of the sectors that are under the government are so inefficient?  How grumpy their employees are in the morning and how you can really set apart the people who lacks discipline and respect when you are all in one line? I do not want to sound offhand, but this is not how I want to be accustomed with! I just cannot tolerate people cutting lines ; people who does not know how to listen ; and people who cannot obey a damn rule! And oh, let’s not forget loiterers! I hate how dirty crowded places are. My hope is hanging on a thread, may pag-asa pa ba ang Pilipinas?

Anyway, today felt like it was 2.15.2012 again. I was panicking,crazy and on a rush!



Ube x Pistachio Gelato from Caffe Ti-amo! <3 One of my favorite gelato house! 🙂

2 of my favorite flavors in one cup! AWESOME.

First “meal” for that day. Had this at around 4pm already.  I forget to eat when I am busy. #SanaBusyAkoLagi

To  calm and distress myself from the crazy day that I was having.. I walked around Greenbelt. It was a beautiful afternoon so I’ve decided to finish my cup of gelato in their garden area…where the restaurants are! I passed by Le Petit Artisan

..and saw this cute bike! I do not know how to ride a bike (yeah,such a shame huhu) so it has always been on my list of frustrations  (including tumbling).  I’ve only noticed the fake breads when I walked closer! I thought it was just some scheme or something.

I heard the breads scream my name! So yadda yadda, I came in and got lost in bread land!

LPA is also a Cafe/Restaurant btw! I wanted to try it with my parents or with the whole family so I settled with the breads 🙂

The breads are arranged in a way that you would want to get everything. They are not sheltered in a glass or something, for short not turo-turo style HAHA. Which makes you just get everything that you want and fill up your tray! I was thinking of my family throughout my “bread therapy”,so instead of sulking over the fact that I wish they were there with me, I’ve decided to bring the breads to them instead!

What really made me decide to fill-up a try was their Mochi!

They were really chewy,but not something that I would want for my bread so I’ll be passing on mochi breads until I get over how excruciating it was for my swollen gums. Haha

chocolate Croissant

White Chocolate Croissant

I love chocolate flavored croissants! It goes perfectly with the buttery flavor and flaky texture of the bread! These were really delicious when reheated well! 🙂

Asado x Adobo Buns

I was not able to taste these since I instructed our cook to serve it to my parents for breakfast! 🙂

One of my last task for that day was to go to Taft. Cello reminded me of my brother Remo so I just couldn’t go home without a box of doughnuts for the kiddos.

Since my sister loves anything with chocolate (except dark) I chose these flavors for her! Chocolate and Oreos/Cookies&Cream (?)

My purpose of going to Taft 🙂 I just couldn’t unwrap it without taking a photo! I’m a sucker for cute/lovely/pretty packaging! Don’t you just love how an item is being handed to you beautifully? It makes you cherish the item more! 🙂

I was running late for dinner! It was already 7PM and my driver and I was still struggling our way home. My siblings were texting me that they were starving already but I just couldn’t let them eat dinner without me.. hahahah! So I made them wait!

One thing that I will definitely miss while I’m away is my sister going home with taro milk tea for me!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

This definitely made all the pressure and anxiety worth it that day! 🙂

One of our routines everyday is to pick a “lucky star” card! This was our motivational quote for 02.15.2012! 🙂 (Again, will definitely miss doing this with my sister – my heart is totally crying right now!)


After having a horrible day today (02.29.2012) God amazingly turned around everything again! I was sulking in my room over the dinner that I missed when my Mom called me and asked me if I want to go out and grab some yogurt! I’ve already made plans with the girls (so sorry for flaking out ladies), but I just couldn’t say no to the people that I will terribly miss the most!

I had another lovely evening with my family! Milk Tea x Yogurt helped made this day PERFECT! Time spent with the family is always priceless..and though I will be apart to them for a loooong time, I know this will help in every aspect of our lives!

Leaving soon,

R <3