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Outfit post for 08.05.12 New York trip 🙂

Bought this dress from my Sissy during my second trip in New York 🙂 Wore it cause…that’s how I roll :))

My accessories! 🙂 Loved everything that I wore that night! 🙂

One of my favorite heels! 🙂 DAS baby 🙂

Kim K. went to NYC the next day for FNO (I wanted to be in NYC that day but my schedule does not permit to /wrist LOL)

Anyway, I love the fact that our dresses are somehow identical when we were in New York!! 🙂 How awesome,right?:)

I must be back before October 5th! 🙂

Not excited about the upcoming season,

R<3 xx


THE GIRL AND NEW YORK: Times Square at night

08.05.12: Bright lights in the city that never sleeps

Last part of our awesome trip in NYC. It’s amazing how Times Square could turn into something different during the night. The bright lights that makes the city more alive and the vibe that you get because of the happy energy that you get from everyone who is there are just some of the things why I love New York…and everyone else 🙂

Yellow Cabs! 🙂

Barbie House in Toys R Us

My Barbie girl-ish outfit :))

Find us hahaha 🙂


Blurry photo cause it was raining. Boo

Say hello to,Kambi 🙂 A ramen house in 14th street between 1st and 2nd avenue 🙂

Was able to take a snapshot of the quaint restaurant before the group of Japanese teenagers came. Haha

Yummy chicken teriyaki salad!!

Yummy ramen!!! 🙂

Everything homemade…awesomeness!

Sleepy and tired,

R <3 xx

THE GIRL AND NEW YORK: Down by the water

08.05.12 – City Sightseeing by the wate

4th entry about our awesome trip in NYC a week ago. I was a bit hesitant in going to this boat tour cause it started drizzling while we were waiting for the ferry bus but one of the things that I uphold when it comes to life is to never miss an opportunity.Especially when it comes to seeing something beautiful.

Some pier in NYC

Gelato while waiting for the ferry


Had to wear a silly raincoat because of the rain 😐 Boo

Hello, Brooklyn bridge! 🙂

Official photographer of the day – Karen! 🙂

So happy that we are on the twilight cruise batch!!! 🙂 NYC looked more stunning!

Statue of Liberty!!!

With ze girlies 🙂

Had the privilege to meet the captain and take photos inside!!! 🙂


90 minutes worth of fun 🙂

2 more NYC entries to go!! 🙂

R <3 xx

THE GIRL AND NEW YORK: Emipre State Building

08.05.12 – Empire State of Mind

Third stop for our awesome trip in New York last Tuesday. We did not plan anything for that day, so everything that transpired throughout our trip were  spontaneous.It started raining on our way to the Empire and it was a bit disheartening for us thinking that it might last until the evening, but as soon as we arrived outside the building the rain stopped so it was a fortuitous day for us 🙂

Hello, Empire State!

The view was very breathtaking, it felt so surreal 🙂

My favorite building in NYC 🙂

Can you see the Statue of Liberty?:)

It was super windy and cool at the deck.zomg

With ze girlies! 🙂

c/o Alyza/Karen

Happy Monday off!!

R <3 xx

THE GIRL AND NEW YORK: Grand Central x New York Public Library

08.05.12: Young Folks

I am sleepy…tired..sleepy and tired. I hope this will not turn out to be a boring post cause my words are somewhere far and I couldn’t seem to find them.

Hello Grand Central!

Reminded me of the pilot episode of Gossip Girl 🙂

With ze grlies! 🙂

(c) Alyza/Karen

New York Public Library for the second time 🙂


Hope you enjoyed the photos at least!

R <3 xx


08.05.12 – Beeda ang Sarap

First part of my third NYC trip 🙂 Karen suggested that we should go to Jollibee for lunch, so off we went. In my normal world in the Philippines, I try to keep my distance from fast food as much as possible cause I’d rather eat on a table with white linens and enjoy the greatness of life in my mouth :)) But this was different, I am already away from home for 6 months, and anything that says Philippines in it excite me. I felt like a kid with a happy meal in happy land with happy food…yeah, you get the picture haha

Love 🙂

We all screamed when we saw the sign. LOL

Went to their branch in Jersey City cause its much nearer from where we were.

With “Charmee” aka Snooki of Jersey Shore hahaha

Hello Jollibee food! YUM

They all tasted the same!! From the gravy to the palabok and spaghetti! YUM My belly was tumbling out of joy the whole time <3

Taro x Pandan pearl shakers! YUMEH

With ze big bee

MANILA Ave. <3

Just a tunnel away from NYC… 🙂

Hello,NYC! 🙂

Next Stop: Grand Central x New York Public Library

Can’t wait to be back,

R <3 xx

Half a year

Random heaps last  month – August 2012 🙂 

6 months, half a year. Oh, how time flies! I must be crazy or something but I feel like time is stabbing me in the back for passing too quickly. Life has nothing but amazing, and I wake up each day saying,this is what I want and the only thing missing is my family around me. Oh well, I still have almost 7 months to make things happen. Yes?

To some, it’s just about clocking in and getting things done. But to me, it’s a journey. Cheesy as it may sound but I have never thought that I would be this happy inside this kitchen.

I am blessed to be surrounded by Professionals who has such amazing talent. People who makes each working day less stressful. I couldn’t translate into words how grateful I am to be part of this team, to work under the 21st best country club here in America and to be mentored by the best Chefs in this state.

photo c/o Sheila 

This is how we give love to our roomie,Charm! Hahahaha

Karen’s birthday celebration! 🙂


Ysan and JT

New serrated knife! Yay 🙂

New awesome baby!

Had lunch downtown for the last day of August! 🙂


08.31.12 – Outfit of the day

Vest: Forever21

Floral Skirt: somewhere in Bangkok

Heels: Nava


Best present this month!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Chanel lipstick from the best!!! I’m the luckiest ever <3

LEft her heart in NYC,

R <3 xx

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