New Jersey: B-chin’ in Long Beach Island

Second part of our awesome trip last 07.07.12 – 07.10.12 🙂

I love going to the beach but I hate getting it just me? I bet not. But whatever, if it weren’t because of my sensitive face, I would’ve enjoyed the water and let the waves swish and smash my entire body. Haha 🙂 So yeah, I’ve just finished a late night shift again, so there will be less blabbing.

Hello Long Beach Island!

I’m a Madden Girl <3 Haha Continue reading “New Jersey: B-chin’ in Long Beach Island”


New Jersey: The Chicken or The Egg

First part of our awesome weekend trip last 07.08.12- 07.10.12 🙂 

“Have you seen the new schedule?We can go to New Jersey” are the words that I love to hear every time a beautiful schedule comes up! I don’t mind the long drive..I just want to stay away from this city even for just a few days..always! I love how things turned out during the entire trip. It was amazing and awesome combined. Wish we could just spend each weekend like this, please?

Had to work until 8:30PM that day. Lookie what surprised me when I opened the door 🙂

Beautiful view <3

First night together outside Cockeysville!

Good morning, weird face!

Stopped by Ron Jon to buy some beach stuff

Oh how I miss surfing!

Had brunch in the Chicken or the Egg.. Awesome place!

Awesome bone bucket

Wings as our starter..of course! Lol :))

My chicken taco salad that I did not get to finish cause it was HUGE for my life haha

Charm’s chicken slammer…as always :))

Rose Ann’s buffalo chicken salad

Some loaded fries that Charm ordered. This was amazing!

Mexican Scramble

Only that it’s not scrambled because he is too maarte that day :)) Scrambled filling with 3 sunny-side up eggs

Frozen Chocolate Dipped Key Lime Pie in Long Beach Island

Next Stop: Beach Photos

Having a fun time in the apartment,

R <3

Some kind of an epic night

The first week of July was beyond awesome for words. I’ve gone out thrice after work and spent my weekend out of town. How superdupermega awesome is that? Seriously, the word “awesome” is an understatement. Anyway, this was what transpired last 07.06.2012. First Friday of the month! 🙂

Epic night with the ladies of Cockeysville. Lol :))

Went Downtown to have some cray cray night!

Minus Rose Ann and Charm

Fun-filled night with these gorgeous ladies! Enjoyed dancing with them!!! <3

Went to JT’s “hood” (lmao) after our fun-tastic night downtown!


Insert funny captions here

With ze #JejeMaster of USA!

Top: Silence x Noise

Georgetown Cupcake

07.03.2012: MONdates

My first Monday for the month of July was awesome. I love how the planned everything for that day. There’s nothing like a man planning a date! I love getting picked up in the morning and knowing that no matter what, there’s an amazing day ahead of us.

My schedules just got released today and I am really excited for the coming week! My roommates and I are already planning lots of things to do to maximize our “free” time together. I only have a couple of minutes to post this entry before they start knocking on my door so yeah.. here goes.

Travel companions for the day – 2 honey dew bubble tea from SoYo! Yupppp, ALL FOR ME! 😛

First Stop: Tyson’s Corner in Virginia

Our favorite Culinary haven!! I never go out of this store empty-handed!

Tyson’s Gallery reminded me of Greenblet 5..only bigger and more upscale stores!

Quick lunch at  The Corner Bakery

Alluring pastries

Cinnamon Pecan Rugalach

My egg white vegetarian omelette!! #OmeletteLoving

The second part of our day-off: Georgetown Cupcake!!

Drove down to Bethesda for DC cupcake’s awesome goodies!

These cupcakes were all to die for!! I swear!!!

Made me miss my brother Remo so much!!! I swear someday my siblings and I would be here…and get fat together!

Outside their cutesy store!

The first cupcake I tried was their vanilla cupcake which was given to me by his sister! So happy I got to go to the actual store this time and enjoy more flavors with A.

Honey Banana

This took me straight to heaven and made me miss my brother Renzo so much! I bet he would love this as much as I did!

I love how their frostings are not too sweet but so so so creamy and perfect!

Hey babies!

Can’t wait for another Monday to come!! A has something beautiful in store for me!!!! <3

R <3 xx

Pink Flag

I just got home from the biggest event that I’ve worked for in my life! I couldn’t put into details how this day reminded me of grateful I am to be part of this club, to cook for elite people,and to work with talented people. God has really blessed me on this one. 🙂 I welcomed my 4th month here in the states today by celbrating the 4th of July on the 3rd day of the 7th month of the year! 🙂

Pink x Blue/Turquoise peg!

Top: Forever21

Bandage Skirt: Zara


Since we had Chinese delivery after work tonight, it reminded me of the last night that I had dinner with my favorite babies 🙁

Treated them for a small Chinese dinner here in the apartment.

Missing y’all <3

Tired and excited to go home early tomorrow (hopefully),

R <3 xx

4th Month :)

June 2012 photo dump 🙂 Random shenanigans for the month of June! Oh em gee, I can’t believe I’m on my 4th month today! I still have a massive list of things that I want to do, and places that I want to go. I know God will help me achieve all of it, in His perfect time 🙂

Weird “outfit” shots! :)))

Miss you bebe Nicole!! *spot me

Miss you, Lovely!

Some shao lin night outside te premises of our work place. Hahaha

Who goes to work wearing a pair of cutesy flats? Ri-Ri! Nyahaha

Had to borrow Nicole’s shoes for the day!

Received this book from the chorvaers! Funny how this was on my birthday wish when I turned 20! Oh yes, wishes do come true, you just have to be patient 🙂 Hahaha

Random dinner nights

I know you will hate me for posting this photo, Boobie! But I just miss how adorable you are and how crazy we would get when we are together!!! 🙂

I miss you all so much 🙁

Shopping day with ze babies 🙂 <3

Big event today,

R <3


Woodberry Dinner

I am just a few days away from embracing another Friday. I can’t believe how fast each day goes, all I can think about is how I can’t seem to get used to this fast paced setting. It’s always work and me looking forward to my 2 days off each week. A few days ago I was able to have the Friday night off and what better way to spend it? A dinner date at one of then most beautiful restaurants I’ve been.

 Look how beautiful the place is! I swear this looks more awesome on the inside. I wish could’ve taken more photos but it was a busy night and I do not want to look like a dork hanging around with my camera. Hahaha 🙂

The name of the restaurant is so perfect for its ambiance, location, and entire look!

I’m still in awe every time I think about how beautiful this place is! I just can’t wait to have a beautiful Saturday or Sunday morning schedule so we could have brunch here!!! 🙂

Basket of different short breads! Loved the strawberry muffin! YUM

Pickled kohlrabi for our appetizer.

First time to try kohlrabi and I loved it!

Poached shrimp salad on a warm toast

Since I just came from work, I’ve decided to eat something light!

Poached to perfection. Greens were fresh. I have no words but YUM!

Beef and Egg Noodles

One of the best pasta dishes I’ve tried!

Amazing dinner with an amazing person <3


The day after…….

At their herb garden. Made me want to have my own someday. It was the first time he took ,me to their backyard and I loved it!

Fresh Arugula

Fresh Basil

I only took photos of the herbs that we used for our pesto.

Pesto in the making

Grilled vegetables for perfect summer morning.

Rushing off to work,

R <3

The Girl and New York: Ze Girl

NYC Outfit Post: Funny how some low-class people think it’s okay for them to just live a life of imitation. Knowing and seeing things are not a free pass for you to simulate it. Most of the people in this world works hard to achieve something,and just imagine how devastating it is to see and hear that someone is acting like a copy machine..replicating something that I have worked for..words per se. *sigh* Someone really needs an intervention ASAP. I do not want to sound like a mean B, but hey! This scene has been going on and I’m so sick of it. I know you hate the fact that I exist, and it’s quite evident that you hate me cause you’re nothing but insecure,BUT please stop trying to live my life and copy my words. If you think people don’t notice, you’re wrong. The people around you are not moronic to do not notice. I might sound like a mean B now, but’s time for me to speak up! I am getting tired of this..and I just want you to know…you are becoming more inane and shameful by the minute.

Anywaysy, so much for venting about this copycat time to move forward and be better! Haha 🙂

06.18.2012 Outfit

The ring on the right was supposed to be ” I  ♥ NY” BUT unfortunately, I lost the “I” while I was switching bags 🙁

Hmm.. ♥NY still works…right? Haha 🙂

This ” I ♥ NY” ring was quite big for my fingers, so I used this “LOVE” ring as a “stopper”! Love how it looked! 🙂

The lady I was seating across to at the subway pointed at it and said it looks good to his husband. Yieee 🙂

Black-Gold x Orange/Tangerine day!

So happy that he is finally learning how to take good outfit shots. Hahahah.

It’s quite funny how people would give me flattering stares and compliment that day and how he would say that people would always regard me every time we are out. :))

Me with “Bo-bob” at Time Square! 🙂 Just had to take a photo with him for my baby Bea!!! <3 🙂

Next Stop: Fast forward to NYC restaurant week,please? 😛

Can’t wait for Friday to come sooner,

R <3

The girl and New York: Pigale

Second to the last 1st NYC weekend post. 

I like planning things and I love setting goals. It makes me look forward to something, to a day where it will all happen, and to that state of elation during that moment. We did not plan anything for this day. All we know is that we’re driving to New York that morning and the rest written by the stars. I love how this New York trip transpired, it ended with a new “hello”, a gratification of a new opportunity to be able to go there again..soon. If you know me, you would know that I don’t let each opportunity pass, I cannot fathom the idea of losing a chance – a chance to be better and a chance to appreciate life more. I am feeling a little bit of sadness cause I have to disclose this trip into words soon, but thinking about the weeks to come, and the greater opportunity for me to explore this city gives me nothing but excitement. I’m untouchable when it comes to travelling.

Pigale for dinner 🙂

Chorvaers chose this restaurant because of the duck breast. -.-

French restaurant in 8th Ave corner 45th street

Complimentary “cold” bread. I don’t understand why most of the fancy restaurants we go to serves us cold bread. WARM BREAD next time please?

Charcuterie Plate

Something that he loves to order!

I loved the pickled vegetables at the center of the plate, it balances the fatty texture and rich flavor of the cold cuts.

Roasted Poratbellos

Just because I love mushrooms… YUM

Frenched Breast of Chicken

Pan-roasted with garlic and herbs, pommes cocottes, roasted tomato, thyme jus

The chicken was overcooked and under seasoned, the sauce was too bland for my life (OA haha).. but yeah, I was a bit disappointed cause it did not justify the amount that we paid for. I loved the sides though.

Roasted Duck Magret

Haricot Verts, Wild Rice with walnuts & tart cherries, pomegrante sauce.

Angel Hair and Seafood Scampi

After n months!! Finally!!! I got to see Leigh again!!! I love you so much!!!! <3

Cannot wait to be with you again!!!! 🙂 <3

New Jersey bound to drive Leigh home and to see my other friends!!!

Outside their house!! Blurry but whatev.. :))

I missed you all so much!!!!!!!!!

Skype with my favorite Yotchie before heading back home….

Thanks for these Leigh,you’re the sweetest!!! Wait for mine!!! <3

I love you!!! <3

It was definitely one of the best weekends in my life! Just thinking about how lovely that way was,or just by viewing the photos brings me back to cloud 9! I’m so happy that I’ll be able to go back there soon!!! <3 I couldn’t be grateful enough for this blessing <3 🙂

Happy Monday and Tuesday, please?

R <3 xx

The Girl and New York: Times Square

06.18.2012: Spent the rest of the afternoon in Times Square. We did a lot of walking, but I did not mind, I do not care if I was in my killer heels. That’s one of the beautiful parts in travelling – you walk to see ; you see to appreciate things.  New York is such a busy city, you could see people everywhere and almost all streets are jam-packed with vehicles. I did not think twice in commuting around this city, I think it’s the best way to get around (when you’re not from here) and immerse myself.

I’ve always wanted to ride the subway in New York,. So yeah, I was kind of excited about this! Haha

Still wearing flats :))

Disclaimer: I covered my face in most of my photos in this entry. Don’t ask me why..but whatevs. :))

Love, R

Times Square!!!!

Spent the afternoon shopping.  We know that we would be back in NYC in no time, so we are not really in a rush in going to places like the Rockefeller, Statue of Liberty and the like.

Jamba juice was quite disappointing for me. Don’t hate me for saying this,but what’s the fuzz all about? The service was less more than we expected too. Eek 😐

Bought this from a Chinese lady who gave me this for a bargain price of $33 instead of $45! AWESOME!

Not a hoodie type of girl, but this is something that I would love to have in my closet! Haha

Can’t wear this anytime soon though

AWESOME pieces!!

Basically, I did not shop in Forever21 and H&M. This city has those stores already, and I just want to raid the shops that we don’t have here.

Aldo x Zara x Topshop = HAPPY SHOPAHOLIC!!! <3

Next Stop: Dinner and Leigh! <3

Late night schedule tonight, yay or nay?

R <3

The Girl and New York: Asian Afternoon

First part of our awesome NYC weekend!:) I love how God puts everything into place. It was raining in Baltimore, gloomy at New Jersey but extra beautiful in New York that day! The weather was perfect…for my outfit! Haha 🙂 But whatever, God has once again amazed me about life. 🙂

Cars heading North = NYC bound

I love taking photos of huge bridges! It doesn’t only connect me to one place to another, it also connects me to the world 🙂

OHHHH YES! Got super giddy when I saw this view!! Yaaaaysy 🙂

Very scenic <3

En route to NYC’s Chinatown.

I don’t know if it’s a downside or whatever,but here’s the thing that I have to deal with for being with someone who fancies Asian Food! Hahahaha 🙂

Got super ecstatic when I saw quickly!!!  Will definitely look for Cha Time when I go back 🙂

Milk Tea Pudding x Taro Milk Tea


Topshop’s fabulous window!!

Too lovely for words.

Happy baby! Haha 🙂 Outside Topshop!

Zara!!!! How I missed thee!

Reminiscent of Hong Kong.

Asians x Busy streets x Signs written in Chinese! haha

Best Asian Place we went to so far! 🙂

I wasn’t excited about going to another Asian restaurant with the chorvaers at first. But when I saw the chandelier and huge Chinese door, it made me a bit excited to sit and dine! 🙂

So sad that all of the food photos are too yellow-ish for this blog 🙁

They had “push carts” rolling around the huge place! It was quite packed for an afternoon delight, and was that good! Chicken feet were quite disappointing since I’ve had better CF back home (PHL). But whatever, had an awesome late lunch date still 🙂

Most awesome part of our dining experience – TAHO!!!!!! OMG. Got megaaaa excited when I saw the taho cart!

Just had to cover my face. But whatever. I got my taho, finally!!! <3

Awesome afternoon,indeed!

Next Stop: Time Square <3

Can’t wait for this day to be over,

R <3 xx

Where’s your head at?

Outfit Post: Filipino Festival

Aztec Prints x Bright Color x Sunny weather = Happy Sunday 🙂

One of my favorite rings!!

You’ll be seeing more of it this summer,definitely! So summer-ish! <3

Aztec x Aztec! 🙂

This bandage skirt from Charlotte Russe is one of  my favorites in my closet! Apart from the comfy fabric, I love how it hugs my body without worrying if it’s showing too much skin while I’m waling or something. You get me girls,don’t you?:)

Top: Forever 21

Bandage Skirt: Charlotte Russe

*Had to cover my face :))

Orange / Tangerine x Black & White 🙂

Excited to blog about my recent NYC trip,

R <3 xx

Filipino Festival 2012

06.10.2012: F day

I rarely get a Sunday off, I feel like it only happens once in a blue moon (haha). Every time I see that I’have a Sunday off, there are only two things that comes to my mind – church and Mrs. Angel. I’ve heard about this Filipino Festival a few months ago, and I told myself that I would try to make a way for me to attend. I know it’ll be something that I would need,especially in times like this – being away and busy from my loved ones made me more adventurous and enthusiastic to immerse myself into anything that this place has to offer. Anyway, I never expected to be off that day, I was eyeing on an afternoon schedule and day of rush, but God was amazing, he blessed me with a lovely day-off. 🙂

With Mrs. Angel 🙂

Went to Towson for the Filipino Festival after church 🙂

Fake Halo-Halo (haha)

Had 2 different halo-halos that day. Both were equally disappointing but whatvs, at least I got my halo-halo  :))

Ube flavored bubble tea!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Angel 🙂 My parents here!! 🙂

Liiiike this shot. Fumeeling SLR my camera. Hahahaha

River of Life represent!!! 🙂

With the people who looks after me 🙂

Next: Outfit post 🙂

Day off today,

R <3 xx

Hershey Park 2012

06.11.2012: Hershey Park

This is for you,Daddy 🙂 

Random snaps from our Hershey Park trip a few days ago. What an experience it was! This is going to be a “photo diary”, I am currently out of words and I know the pictures will speak for itself 🙂

Good Morning 🙂 We all gathered early in the morning. We were all so excited!

Continue reading “Hershey Park 2012”

Hello, Summer 2012

Tax free shopping day outfit! 🙂 Since the weather has started to warm up already, I’ve decided to wear something “summer-ish” and weather friendly! I know we’d be walking a lot so I paired this outfit with a flat s 🙂

I am embracing another dreadful week again 😐 One day-off, opening/morning to closing and an average of 150 covers (weekdays) & 240 covers (weekends) during dinner service (and yeah, I am so grateful to be part of the line. The busy lunch service that we are having ever since the last week of May is a different story. Uhh. 5 cooks versus elite members who likes to order high-class food.

Another beautiful morning 🙂

At Barnes and Noble! Haha 🙂

Lovin’ my Topshop flats!

Top: Forever21

Skirt: Pink Manila


Will try to post another entry after work tomorrow,

R <3

Tax Free Day

One reason why I would love to come back here in the States is the “fun”tastic shopping experience! Almost everything is cheaper than the goods in the Philippines!! It makes me feel that I am on “panic-buying” mode or whatever..just the usual me, a crazy shopper! Anyway, here’s how I spent my day-off last 05.29.2012. I was supposed to post this a few days ago but work (once again) made it’s way to lessen my “me time”! 🙁 We went to Delaware to go on a tax free shopping. It was an hour and a half away from us, but the distance and travel time was super worth it! 🙂

Good morning, Star shines! 🙂

Was supposed to leave at 11AM #Anyareh

It was super nice to spend the day with them! I’ll definitely miss you all 🙁

Minus Nicole

Christiana Mall! Too bad this photo is blurry!  😐

Complete group photo!! 🙂

Gelato # 1

Everyone was like “you should eat something first” , “that’s not ‘lunch” , “eat real food”..and I was like “yeah,right (whatevs)” Hahaha! #GelatoForever

Hazelnut , Reese’s and Marshmallow FTW! 🙂

Gelato # 2 (Yeah, I can never get enough!)

Pistachio, Lemon, Cookie Dough and Hazelnut 🙂 YUM!!!!

Hahahaha LMAO

Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for Wing Night! 😛 AWESOME!

Strawberry Mojito

My Salad x 60 wings!! Uhhhh-mazing! 🙂

60 wings for 5!

My new babieeeeees <3

Outfit post next,

R <3

Days like THIS

Looking at these photos depresses me a bit. I’ll be “welcoming” another “full” week at work again! 12-13 hours of work for 5 days and 2 day-offs that doesn’t come around quickly. I do not want to sound that I am complaining,but as I embrace long hours at work, I feel like my days here are being too hasty and I’m afraid that I would not get to stretch the days that I have left.

Anyway, this is how I spent the 1st day of May 2012. It was a perfect day, amidst of the cold weather the sun shined beautifully that day and everything around me was extra charming. I just wish I could have more days like this,but I know it’s not going to happen anytime soon 🙁

Started our beautiful day at Sticky Rice. A quaint Asian Restaurant downtown 🙂

The place was not packed cause we went there for lunch 🙂

Teriyaki Asian Wings for me!! <3

Singapore Noodles

Lettuce Wrap with Shrimps for the vegetable lover in me! :))

Adoring the vintage vibes of this town! 🙂

I love how my outfit amalgamated with the beautiful environment 🙂

Favorite door of the day! Haha 🙂

It got really colder when we walked near the waters!

Best part of the day – GELATO!

Sat beside the window side 🙂 Gelato x Beuaitful View = Prcieless

Hazelnut Gelato Affogato!

Had 3 cups of gelato that day, yes THREE, TRES, TATLO, TROIS, 3! 

I got crazy with their hazelnut gelato, so I’ve tried it with pistachio, vanilla and creme alongside! The smooth texture of their gelato is just too divine for words!

Pitango is now on top of my list when it comes to Gelato!!! <3

I love how calm and beautiful this state is 🙂 <3

Shopped after my lovely gelato time! :))

Went to Yasou for some Greek dinner! 🙂

The souvlaki was amazing! It made me miss Manila of course! This would’ve been better with yogurt shake but yeah, whatevs. Haha 🙂

Favorite items! 🙂


I cannot wait to go to downtown or just spend another beautiful day outside the apartment or work! Things are getting crazy exciting at work lately, I couldn’t ask for more actually (in terms of what I have been procuring inside the kitchen) cause this opportunity is a blessing – a beautiful one. Every working day is another story. I even have to pinch myself sometimes just to know that these are all true – that I am working with great minds; that I am on the line ; that I am in an actual Hell’s Kitchen. Haha :)) But yadda yadda, I’ll just cheer myself up with all these beautiful thoughts 🙂

Can’t wait for Monday,

R <3

All that “Chazz”

Food, shopping and a lovely weather are the perfect ingredients for an awesome day. Lovely places takes my entire soul to cloud 9, amazing food leaves me breathless. I am very fortunate to have all of these around – food, amazing environment and a person who never fails to make each day count.

Since I’m a gelato freak, we stopped by this beautiful Italian Bakery first.

The cold weather can never stop me from getting a cup of gelato! EVER :))

The place is packed with awesome food! Can’t wait to go back and try their food!


Their pistachio was a disappointment, but their hazelnut gelato took me straight to heaven!

After a cup of gelato, and good walk at my happy place (downtown) we then headed to Chazz.

7PM and it’s still bright! <3

Brick Oven Pizza!! :))

We went there on a Friday night, so as expected the place was packed! We were seated at the Pizza Bar, which made everything more awesome!

Pasta bar! <3

Fresh Pasta will always be divine!

Warm homemade bread will never fail me. Ever.

 Contandina: Beshamel, Swiss Chard, Speck Ham, Farmer’s Egg (over easy),
Pecorino, Robiola

This has got to be the best pizza that I’ve ever had!! Too perfect for words!

Mouthwatering baby!

Wild Mushrooms for meeeee!


Nutella Pizza!! Too bad this photo is too yellow-ish! 🙁


R <3

2 down

I’ve just downed another month from my almost 13-month stay here 2 days ago.  I’ve been meaning to post this entry last 05.03.2012 but since time is not really my friend now, I had to put it off and work on it today.Hopefully I can still find the right words and transcend into you guys how amazing the month of April was, and how quickly it went by 😐 Anyway, here are some random snaps from the past month 🙂

Filipino fare at the De Guzman residence! 🙂

My partner for the night – Jem!

I will just let the photo speak for itself. Haha

My 3 little piggos!!!!! <3

P.S. I don’t think I’ll ever use these!! Hahahaha

Packages make me happy 🙂 This definitely took my tired soul to cloud 9 that night! 🙂

Aldo heels <3

First lunch 🙂

Hot soup for a cold morning! 🙂 Tom Yum = Nomnomnom

So lucky to have this place nearby the apartments!!! My to-go place before and after work!! Hahahaha

I love you, Cold Stone!!!!! 🙂

Shake them Berries and Berry Crumble forevaaaaah! <3

100th like 2 weeks ago 🙂 Thank you everyone for visiting this page even if I do not update it just as much like before! I really wish time would permit me after this dreadful week 🙁

One of the best parts of my month!!!! <3 Received the care package from mi familia <3

Huge and heavy that made my entire month!!!! <3

My co-worker hahahaha

Awww >3 From my sibs!!!! Cutesy pillow and a bear <3

Here are some of the items inside the box 🙂

My siblings know me too much!!!!! <3 <3 <3

All of these are PERFECT!!! So in love with these! <3

From my Sissy <3 The awesomest! <3

P.S. I like this shot so much!

Rosaries x Letter

From Klariz and Remo!!!!

THIS IS JUST TO ASDFGHJKL!!!! I squealed like a pig when I saw this!!! <3

From my Batutsy!!!! Made me miss him more 🙁

From my awesome Sissy again! <3

Me being weird (again)

Wish I could send my self to the Philippines using this box since I can fit in it! Hahahahaha

Ihop breakfast for the last Sunday of April!!! <3

Deep fried Strawberry and Banana Cheesecake! 🙂

This reminded me of our local food in the Philippines – turon.

My kind of omelette!! Tomato x Spinach x Mushrooms!!!!! Perfect <3

Time to prep for work,

R <3

Baguio ’12: Last for the Road.

I always have to drag myself to work every after day-off. I love my job but I love shopping more. Lol I feel like I’ve been a bit lazy lately 😐 Effect of working for working the whole day (literally) for almost a week, maybe (not that I’m complaining). It’s just that I don’t want my body to reject doing work cause my entire soul is glad on what I have been procuring lately! 🙂 Anyway, here’s a photo diary of what transpired during our last day in Baguio! 🙂

Woke up early to have brunch in Le Chef! 🙂

I was only able to take a photo of my dessert. Haha. We were all too busy eating!

My overused blazer! 😛 LOL

Pamper time with my Sissy after our heavy brunch! 🙂

*I miss being extra girly with my Sissy!!! 🙁

Family picture with Ms. Susan at The Manor’s lobby! 🙂

Pink x Black

Spent our afternoon in Mine’s View! 🙂 Most of our time were allotted for eating! Got crazy eating local Filipino snacks with the family! NOM!


I did everything that I can to keep my distance from that huge dog!!! Scaredy cat in the house! hahaha

We drove down to Manaoag Church after our beautiful afternoon in Mine’s View! It was super traffic so we got there at around midnight already 😐 The church was already closed but it did not stop us from talking to Him!

I really miss going to the church with my family. 😐 The feeling is priceless every time we go to church or pray together! 😐


Rushing off to work,

R <3